Heavy Heart & All

So I’ve made a decision and it is one that sort of puts this blog on an indefinite hiatus.  I have always wanted to write and publish a book.  In fact, I have so many ideas in my head I could probably do more than one if I took the time and did them.  With exercising, work, family and normal life I don’t have a whole lot of time to do them.  And while my blog may not be the most time intensive thing, I have decided I am going to put it on hold while I actually start working on my first book.

I know I had a few followers and some who really were supportive.  Know that I will not be giving up on my lifestyle change.  I will still be tracking my calories, exercising and changing my life for the better.  I’ve been sick for over a week now and am finally feeling like it is to the point where I can get back to my normal routine.

So to those who followed me, I hope that I don’t get deleted.  I do plan on coming back someday and maybe will make periodic updates as things change in my life.  But I will most certainly not be doing a day-to-day blog of my endeavors.

Hopefully sometime in the future I will be posting to you all about my first published book.  And you better buy it when I do!

To your health


Day 326… Sick Day

As I mentioned yesterday I was feeling sick.  Unfortunately, through the night it decided to kind of all creep up on me.  I woke up this morning feeling like a dozen semi trucks had run over me.  It didn’t take much convincing to call out sick and crawl back in bed.  That meant that I unfortunately was not able to do much working out whether it was walking around or going to karate.  I did make a delicious dinner but that was about all I accomplished today.

Here’s to tomorrow.


Breakfast – Orange Juice
Dinner – Cheese-wheel meatloaf
Dessert – Apple fritters

Days 324 & 325… Special Delivery

We'll be there sometime today

Or not.

I honestly don’t understand the reason we let companies walk all over us when it comes to deliveries and services.  “We will show up between 10 AM and midnight, so make sure someone is at home during that time.”  I guess we have no choice since pretty much any company does it, so I blame all our forefathers for giving in to the companies without a fight.

Our washing machine decided to crap out on us a couple of weeks ago and it’s been nothing but trouble ever since.  Not only was I plopping down $9-$12 on every time I had to go to the laundromat, but the repair guy decided not to show up, the replacement repair guy had to see if they could order the part, and it was 5 days before we were informed (after my wife called them) that they weren’t going to replace the part but we were going to be given credit for the value of the machine to buy a new one.  So my wife went and picked out a new one and it was to be delivered Tuesday after 3 PM.

Well, after 3 PM ended up turning into sometime between 8:15 PM and 11:15 PM.  That – in turn – ended up being “our truck broke down and we’ll deliver it tomorrow.”

Luckily they ended up showing up around 4:30 PM today and we were able to get our washer delivered and installed.  But is that really something that a company should be allowed to do?  I know it’s not their fault that there were other issues or that their vehicle broke down, but the whole delivery timeframe is just a crock.

What’s not a crock was my karate class.  It was another great class that involved lots of heavy bag work, lots of HIIT training and lots of sweat.  Pretty much the perfect kind of class.  We also worked on combinations involving a partner with blocking and counter-attacking.  Not hitting involved thankfully, but a great workout none-the-less.


Breakfast – Banana strawberry protein shake
Snacks – Granola bar
Lunch – Taquitos
Dinner – Chicken breast supreme
Dessert – Fig newtons


An hour+ of walking at work
2 hours of kyokushin karate

Wednesday was an insanely busy day and on top of that I was dealing with not sleeping well and possibly getting sick.  I am pretty sure that mother nature is screwing with me when I get sick in April.  I still walked around as much as I normally did and hit the gym afterwards which kept my mind off of being sick and tired.  I added a couple extra things to the workout which help with power in my punches thanks to a fellow blogger and the guy running the gym.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough how well they work.


Breakfast – Banana strawberry protein shake
Snacks – Orange juice
Lunch – Tijauna turkey wrap and a slice of pizza
Dinner – Fajitas
Dessert – Fig newtons


Day 323… Smoothies


$moothie$I’ve never priced how much it would cost to make my own smoothies, but in my head they are far too expensive so that is why I don’t drink them nearly as much as I would actually like.

I went to Roxberry’s tonight because I had a coupon for basically a free smoothie.  They have some delicious smoothies and that I wish I could reproduce.  And I probably could!  I just have to figure out the best way to make it with the BlendTec blender we have and the right ingredients.

The only issue (other than my vision of them being expensive) is that they really aren’t all that filling.  At least 16 or 24 ounces don’t seem to fill me up that much.  I suppose I could make 32 or even 40 ounce smoothies but that is a lot of (natural) sugar and even more expensive because I have to use more product.

I guess I will just need to look into it all and try it out.  My protein shakes are pretty good but nowhere near as good as Roxberry smoothies.

No, I am not compensated by them.

Something I was afraid of happening is starting to happen at my gym.  When I first started going there were maybe 1 or 2 people and they were pretty much all on the treadmills or elliptical machines.  Lately we have been getting a few more people coming in and using the weights.  I know that I can’t have the gym to myself, but I sometimes wish that people would come at OTHER times so I could have no issues doing my lifting.  At least I am not doing the circuit training so I can focus on one lift at a time.  Still, the more people there are, the less room for me.

Despite that, I had a great workout.  My Stronglifts is still going well and I am feeling more and more strong.  I just wish my belly would go away.  It seems to be gathering all of my fat in that one area.  My face is thinner, my arms are thinner (and more veiny which I like) but my stomach just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Why is food so good?


Breakfast – Cracklin’ Oat Bran with Protein Powder
Lunch – Steak, potatoes and corn
Dinner – Taquitoes
Dessert – Roxberry smoothie and fig newtons


Days 321 & 322… Crazy Woman!


Oh how I wish I could have slept in Saturday morning.  I don’t always want to sleep in… okay, that is a lie.  I always want to sleep in but I almost never get to.  Waking up before 5 AM during the week and then doing karate or races on Saturday limits me to one day out of the week.  Then I went and got a dog so I need to make sure he is let out in the morning.

So like I said… how I wish I could have slept in.

But I didn’t.  I woke up, let the dog out and headed to the college for my karate class.  My sensei, however, was not able to make it for some reason so that left one of the black belts in charge.  And it happened to be one of the crazies women I’ve ever met.  She’s not crazy like talking to herself crazy or has too many cats crazy.  She is crazy in the sense that she doesn’t just stretch until you’re loose and warm, she stretches until you are sweating.  She doesn’t just do some squats or some kicks to get you warmed up, she does 100 of each.  She doesn’t count in a way that you can follow along, she goes until SHE is tired.  She doesn’t choose tough exercises for us to do, she takes two tough exercises and turns it into one insane exercise.

And I quite enjoyed (most of) it.

I have to admit the last two days of karate have been great.  I have never been to a “regular” karate class so I don’t know what normally happens, but I always imagine there’s a lot of shadowboxing and kicking and forms and maybe some bag work but I know that doing HIIT, enough ab exercises to make your 8 pack quiver and doing every exercise until you can’t move is not what I normally think of.  But I think it is great for conditioning.  Just about every game or challenge needs conditioning whether you’re a football player, basketball player, MMA fighter or curling pro (okay, curling isn’t a sport) so I am glad we have been taking time to do this.

StreeeetchThe only issue I really have is the stretching.  I know, I know… Earl is rinsing and repeating.  But stretching is not my strong suit so when we do it in such a way that I am grunting and sweating it makes me hate it even more.  I honestly can’t tell if I am making progress or not.  I think my kicks are a little higher and my sensei says I’ve improved but I don’t feel that anything is different.  I still struggle to kick high, struggle with specific straight-legged kicks, have a tough time stretching out completely and can rarely do anything involving my hips extending high or out.  This is the second time I got to experience her version of stretching and it was pretty painful both times.  I don’t mind sweating, grunting and getting pushed past my comfort zone, but I do demand I can complain when it happens.

I also have to admit that I am missing running.  I probably have plenty of opportunity to do it, but as I strength train and do karate 6 days out of the week it is tough to squeeze in.  And I don’t mean time necessarily.  I mean just being able to do it.  After Thursday’s crazy karate class, Friday’s strength training and Saturday’s crazier karate class I had no desire to do anything on Sunday other than relax.  Would it hurt to take 30 minutes to go for a run 3 days a week?  Probably not.  But then I fear I’ll get back to where I was before where I think I was doing far too much.

And talking about crazy women, my wife keeps trying to tell me that I am getting skinnier.  I don’t see it at all (which I know is normal) and the scale does not seem to be moving much.  I know I should be measuring but it also never seems to change much.  I don’t know if she is simply being nice and telling me things to make me feel better or if I am doing something right and getting skinnier just not lighter (how does that work?)  Building muscle is a possibility but as I’ve discussed before you can’t build a LOT of muscle in a short period of time let alone while losing weight.  I think she’s just crazy.

But I love her anyway.

Days 319 & 320… C-c-c-combo Breaker!

Comb Breaker

So I was so incredibly busy that I didn’t get a change to post my blog for Thursday.  I’m sure that the entirety of the world was missing it.  But here it is combined with Friday’s information.

I was very glad that I decided to go back to karate on Thursday.  I still feel the same way about being hit so much, but Thursday’s workout was pretty much perfect.  Small group, lots of sweat and aching muscles and everything from shadow boxing to heavy bag work to squats, sit ups and push ups.  It’s the kind of workout I would choose to do every time if I could.

My body could definitely feel the workout on Friday.  My lats, chest and arms were feeling it from the punching and push ups, my legs and glutes were very sore from the squats and kicks and part of me wished that I were more willing to take the elevator instead of the stairs… but I stuck with the stairs.

Friday’s workout also was a bit tough due to the soreness, but I pulled through.  I did my Stronglifts 5×5 along with the few other lifts I do and happily wandered home for the weekend.  I am focusing quite a bit on my arms outside of Stronglifts since I need to work on my punching strength.  The squats and deadlifts help my legs quite a bit so I don’t want feel the need to do more in that area.

I do, however, need to find a way to work on stretching.  I know that I could simply stand or sit and do stretches on my own, but doing things on my own aren’t always the easiest.  It’s possible that I may need to find a yoga or pilates DVD to do since I don’t want to spend more time in a gym.  I think there is a class in the evening but I already do enough of that.

Thursday’s Meals:

Breakfast – Eggs in a tortilla
Snacks – Nachos and a doughnut
Lunch – Chicken quesadillas
Dinner – Tater tot casserole
Dessert – Fig Newtons

Thursday’s Exercise:

An hour+ of walking at work

2 hours of Kyokushin karate

Friday’s Meals:

Breakfast – Protein oatmeal
Snacks – Protein and granola bars
Lunch – Tater tot casserole and chicken caesar wraps
Dinner – Steak and baked potato
Dessert – Fig newtons

Stronglifts 5×5

Squats – 250 lbs
Barbell Rows – 145 lbs
Deadlifts – 315 lbs

3×10 Lifts

Hammer curls – 50 lbs/50 lbs/50 lbs (per hand)
Tricep Extensions – 60 lbs/60 lbs/57 lbs
Punches (R) – 33 lbs/33 lbs/33 lbs
Punches (L) – 30 lbs/30 lbs/30 lbs

Day 318… One More Shot

What in the...

After thinking about it all day long and discussing it with my sensei and others I’ve decided to stick out my karate for the time being.  I will not do what we did on Tuesday (at least not until I am ready) and will tell others to back off if necessary, but I enjoy the class too much to simply give it up.

My abdomen still hurts like a bitch but I have sucked it up most of the day.  The bruise looks pretty gnarly and will probably get worse for a few days, but I’ll get over it.  I will most definitely not be taking any punches for a week or so until it heals up a bit more.

I wonder how much the layer of fat I have has to do with the pain and bruising.  I see other guys who have rock-hard abs and they don’t seem to bruise the way I do nor do they seem to be in as much pain as I am in.  Maybe that is a big chunk of it.  Once I lose some more weight and fat in the midsection maybe I will be able to tolerate a bit more.

If only it were easy.

I didn’t eat the best food today.  I was still under my calories for the day though I had a tad too many carbs and not nearly enough protein.  The problem was I took the easy way out and eat too many “processed” foods that are delicious and easy but not full of the best nutrients.  Sometimes it will happen though.  I am not going to be such a stickler that I won’t eat processed food, but my friend at work claims I will die because of my chicken nuggets.

If that’s the truth, what a way to go.

I also decided to kind of go back to the basics of lifting.  Stronglifts 5×5 is a really great workout and I am picking it up again.  Then adding a few other exercises on top of it.  I am going to focus on strength and less on calorie burn.  I burn plenty of calories right now and if I find I need to add some HIIT then I will.


Breakfast – 3 garlic eggs in a tortilla
Snacks – Cookies and protein bars
Lunch – Chicken nuggets
Dinner – Chicken nuggets and fries